Gynoid Audio- Best of 2016

Gynoid Audio- Best of 2016 Free download

Title: Gynoid Audio- Best of 2016
Release Date: 2017-01-23
Label: Gynoid Audio
Genres: Techno
Quality: 320kbps / 44.1kHz / Full Stereo
Source: WEB

1. Truncate – Drum Trax (Original Mix)
2. Mattias Fridell – The Science Beyond (Original Mix)
3. Advanced Human – Labyrinth (Original Mix)
4. Kristian Heikkila – Baskanal 3 (Original Mix)
5. Electric Rescue – Macon (Original Mix)
6. Rraph – Vault (Original Mix)
7. D-Leria – Swarm (Original Mix)
8. Pacius Elter – Tomorrow Or Yesterday (Original Mix)
9. Mark Broom, Raiz – Nucleus (Raiz Remix)
10. Truncate, Slam – Model 2 (Slam Remix)
11. Coeter, Jeff Rushin – Static (Jeff Rushin Remix)
12. Corvum, Myk Derill – Harmony Corruption I (Myk Derill Remix)
13. Bylly, Rraph – Antybiotyk (Rraph Remix)
14. Ground Loop, Mattias Fridell – Goodnight Sweet Prince (Mattias Fridell Remix)
15. D-Leria, Charlton – Pressure (Charlton Remix)
16. Mark Broom, Advanced Human – Nucleus (Advanced Human Dub)
17. Jewel Kid – Perimeters (Original Mix)
18. Advanced Human – Atmosphere (Original Mix)
19. Coeter – Rain (Original Mix)
20. Mary Velo – Forever Falling (Original Mix)
21. Ground Loop – I’ll Never Be King (Original Mix)
22. Corvum – Harmony Corruption II (Original Mix)
23. Rraph – Vasant (Original Mix)
24. Pacius Elter – Telemat (Original Mix)
25. Bylly – oo (Original Mix)

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